Warriors vs Lakers!!!!!

GO WARRIORS!!!!! And if you can't beat the Lakers tonight then at least try so damn hard that you've got nothing left for the Kings tomorrow night!!! lol

^Yeah! What he said. Also, GS Warriors, can you please have Adonal Foyle jump up and down on Shaq's big toe.



Karl Malone can't fuck with The Great Brian Cardinal. And Payton better bite Claxton again cause otherwise he's getting lit up. Also the stifling defense of The French Connection may hold Kobe scoreless.


Game on!!! So far in the first minutes Foyle has a block on Shaq. :)

Oh well, with that sorry performance last night they've left us no choice but to beat their ass!!! lol


The Warriors lose to the Lakers then BEAT the LIVING CRAP out of the faggy Cowtown Queens.

I hate the Lakers, but not as much as I hate the Queens.