Warzone 2

Anyone playing? What are your thought? It has a ton of potential once these bugs are fixed.

Looting system is trash


Not a fan of it myself. Hopefully with time they revert back to OG warzone looting and ditch the backpacks. As far as the look and feel? I think it could be amazing.

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I’ve just started playing it, an trying to figure it all out, like what are the best guns, or do I need to buy guns?

Only played a few games so far. Still glitching and freezing too much but hopefully that is fixed soon. The gameplay seems fine… and I really like the proximity chat addition.

It’s glitchy, the looting mechanism takes some time to get used to as an OG WZ player but once you’re comfortable with it it’s great. The map is awesome and the gun play is light years better in my opinion. Big fan.

Not at all. You get all the guns for free. It will be very difficult though to unlock and level them up without buying modern warfare 2.

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Why can’t this company make a menu screen that fucking works? It’s just as bad as the last COD. Nothing fucking loads still! It’s unbelievable for a AAA title. This would not have flown a few years ago.

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