Was Actually Able to Sit Through a TNA Show

After hearing all of the hub-bub about the Lockdown finish last night, I found the PPV on YouTube and clicked it with the intention of skipping the entire show to see the end of the Jeff Hardy/Bully Ray match. However, I ended up watching the whole show without being bored.

Almost all of the matches were entertaining, the X Division match was a good spot fest. The three way tag match was extremely well done, I enjoyed the cage matches, overall a good showing by TNA and I am actually interested in watching Impact on Thursday to see where they go with the Bully Ray angle. Personally if we get the ECW era Bully as their top heel and Heavyweight Champ, I might be interested in sticking around as a fan.

I stopped watching TNA a long time ago, they gads good run of TV last year, but their overall bullshit has made it where I can't invest in any of their storylines, gimmicks, etc...leaving me with no reason to watch TNA or even follow them other than what I read in the Observer. I still feel that way, but I think I'm going to give them another chance and see what happens Thursday...albeit with a lot of pessimistic optimism. What did everyone else think of the show? Phone Post

I haven't watch in quite sometime but I always hear good things about the PPV's. Impact on the other hand is just a very bad show. It's more promos and backstage segments then actual wrestling.

The PPV's is where you see that TNA has a good amount of talent,just sad that they showcase it once a month and charge to see it. If they did impact like they do each PPV they'd probably get much better ratings. Phone Post

The in ring work has never been TNA's problem. They use to focus more on that on the weekly shows, but now they try to be a horrible version of WWE.

I love the wrestlers when they are allowed to showcase their talent, but I can't stand the Hogan and Bischoff impact.

I ended up watching a good bit of Lockdown. I was bored browsing around on the web when I stumbled on CSS and was reminded that it was on. Went fishing and jumped in during the Kenny King match. Really enjoyed what I saw, even the obvious swerve at the end. Bully Ray has really came into his own.


I'll follow PBP's and tune in when I can until they get closer to Slammiversary. I'll watch 2 or 3 shows before the PPV in their entirety and may actually order it if the quality holds up. I think reducing the number of yearly PPV's will actually be a good move, as more importance will be placed on each one. We'll see what happens, and hopefully they are finally getting their shit together, but I don't have much faith in that actually happening.

Honestly hadn't watched any TNA for years. Watching Lockdown, the matches have been pretty damn good. Am about to watch Angle-Briscoe, going on what has passed, expecting good things.

Very watchable Phone Post