Was Adam born Pure?

Logical fallacy within Genesis Story (now obviously no one in there right mind would believe Genesis literally..but I think that this has further implications beyond the literal translation of the story)

Perfect=not a sinner

1)God Creates Adam who is perfect
2)Adam sins
3)God punishes Adam for sinning
4)God punishes the rest of humankind for Adam's sins

Now obviously 1 & 2 are contradictory. How is it possible that Adam could Sin if he was born perfect?

G-d created adam with an evil and a Good inclination, and also with free will. It was his choice to either obey G-d or not to. The possibility for evil was always there, from the beginning of creation, your right.

Why would God even create Adam with the inclination for evil?

and lol at this case evil being knowledge..

Well, you have yetzer hara, the so-called "evil inclination," and yetzer hatov, the "good inclination," is more subtle than the names connote.

Yetzer hara is not "evil", in the normal sense of the word. Its not a force that pushes a person to do evil, but rather a drive toward pleasure or property or security, which if left unlimited, can lead to evil. When properly controlled by the yetzer hatov, the yetzer hara leads to many socially desirable results, including marriage, business, and community. So, thats kinda why we were made the way we were, with both inclinations.

Good response Joshua..

of course its still makes no sense that God would punish Adam for eating from the tree, when God knew that Adam would eat from the tree and then punished the rest of humankind for it..

who says we were punished?

Well I think its more than eating from a tree. The tree was the tree of knowledge of good and evil. What I get from reading it is that the tree of knowledge of good and evil somehow is an allegory for man rather than depending on G-d, depending on himself and his knowledge and faculties. So to view it as a punishment, I dont know if thats the right way to look at it. We always had free will, Adam chose to exercise his, and I think that somehow showed everyone who followed him how to. Its the result of an action. If I do x, y will follow. X happend, so Y followed as the natural result.

God created Adam that was perfect. he says mans should not be alone. he isntructs them not to eat of the tree of good and evil. Satan comes in the form of a sperpent. Confuses Eve who then eats form the tree which in turns conviences Adam to eat the fruit causing him to sin (doing what God said not to), thus condemning humans born after.

Leave it to a woman to totally screw things up...lol...j/k :o)

Guys, who else is gonna finish Creation? Angels?

MS, that is a really awesome concept. You mean tikum olam, yes?

God's all knowing. He knew before the whole situation that the devil would come in the form of a serpent and convince them. Why did he let that happen? He's God, all knowing, all powerful.

If Adam was perfect, how could he have been tricked by the devil?

According to the bible we are all being punished because we are all born sinners instead of being born perfect.

The story makes no sense. The writers of the bible didn't think things through.

Why did G-d let that happen? Because the serpent has a purpose, to test our Yezter hara. Adam was tricked by satan because was put here to test us so that we can grow. Without pressing us, testing us, finding out where we are at, forcing us to grow, we wouldnt ever grow. G-d created satan to test us so that we could grow.

Adam wasn't tricked per se. What was Adam told? '

Satan said:
You will not surely die," the serpent said to the woman. "For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.

Well, we know good and evil now, and we also die now. Adam can be tricked by satan because thats satan's job, to try and trick people. Thats what he was created for.

We aren't being punished, as you say, its the natural consequence of introducing something new into the equation. It doesn't mean that its not G-d's will or that we somehow were forsaken by him because of this, it just changed things, and was probably intended from the beginning, because as you point out, he knows everything.

So then, whats our purpose? To finish creation. We do that by healing the world, and we can't heal the world without a good and evil inclination, because we wouldn't grow without them.

Just like you have to test yourself physically as an athlete, the spiritual person also has tests that the almighty will present him to force him to grow and come closer to him.

I think this probably helps to put that story into a light where it might make more sense to you.

Good post Joshua

God does not say I will punish you if you eat of the tree, simply its substance brings forth death. Adam was created with a God conscience. He was not perfect as we recognize God to be. He did not possess the knowledge of good and evil. He was a created being and as such had certain limitations. Anyhow after he took of the tree of the Knowledge of good and evil he became self-conscience (religious) and religion brings condemnation and death. The fruit brought forth an understanding of his humanity. Notice God says who told you were naked. You are not suppose to possess this knowledge... You’re created to be God conscience not self-conscience. I could go on and on and on. That’s how I see it anyway. The tree of life= Christ, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil...religion.

yeah, tikkun olam... you've been doing research ;)

As the cherubim are escorting Adam (the earth being) and Hava (the companion) to the gates of Eden, Adam turns and catches a glimpse of the Torah, written as black fire on white fire. In thi brief glimpse he catches rules concerning age, disease and death. Adam stops dead in his tracks and turns toward G-d.

"You created the Torah long before You created me! You set me up!"

G-d is silent, Adam and Hava are escorted out of the gates, and the story continues.

G-d's silence is so TELLING! G-d needed us to fail the first test of faith. How else could be understand pain, torment, death and other things? How could we understand happiness and joy and love? How could we finish Creation if we had no knowledge of these things? Its all part of the plan- you have the choice.