Was Afghanistan really a "loss" for the US?

First things first, I am adopting a fully cynical point of view that disregards the tragic human loss and suffering generated by 20 years of conflict (not being ironic at all here).

I’ve read different figures on the huge amount of money that was poured into this war (why was it started again?)… Let’s average the claims to a trillion USD.

If you consider that whatever the official goals for the invasion were just a pretext, a decoy, and the real reason was to funnel money into the “Military Industrial complex” that Eisenhower loved so much, and all the other business that gravitate that sun, could it be that the economic results from all that activity were a plus for the US (in terms of jobs generated, scientific research, taxes)?

Military superiority is also an obvious strategic asset, but keeping that superiority has a cost, and whereas China’s leaders can just dictate how much they are going to spend on defense, the US has to use some persuasion on it’s population and elected officials, and what better justification that a morally justified war? (Something taken directly from Sun Tzu’s book).

So the second point is that it was also a strategic win as it helped the US further its military superiority.

Not passionate about any of the arguments above, just interested in reading points of view.

We fought that “war” with kid gloves on. It was always going to be a loss in the long run. Our goal also wasnt to win a war.




What was the goal then?

Afghanistan was clearly a win for the US. The US people? No. The corporate/government elite? Yes. It was a major win.

Did we spend what??? Trillions on this 20year war? Where did that money go? Who profited? Did certain members of Congress and the companies they are connected to get more rich? Yes and we all know who these people are.

Not only did they get rich but we also re-armed the same people we were there to get rid of. With those new guns-money-power we let them once again gain they can now rebuilt and get strong. In a decade or so they will fuck up again and attack either us or one of our allies and again we will go to war with them and start this while cycle all over again.


Thank you for the insightful reply.

I can’t really believe that all that weaponry was left there as an oversight… I mean, the politicians can be clueless, but your military had decades to think about that.

Do you think it could be a case of “Now that we don’t have more use for that land, let’s let them keep some weapons so no one else can invade either” ?

The US Military has the strongest logistical team in military history.

This is like Coke Cola sending a nations supply of coke to the wrong nation and not caring. It’s just not happening unless it was planned or OKed.


Loss of money yes.

Loss as in the US lost the fight, no.

It was absolutely a loss. We had no business there in the first place. Saudis flew those planes.

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Eisenhower didn’t “love” the military industrial complex. He warned the American public against it.

We just gave Afghanistan to the same guys who controlled it previously. It is a massive loss.
We have lost face and look weak to all of our adversaries. This will embolden them to push their agendas.
Afghanistan will again become the epicenter of Islamic extremism. Iraq will destabilize, Iran is emboldened, radicals in Syria will re-constitute…

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Tapped out.

From what, I’m not sure.

Godammit man, I thought my sarcasm was blatant!

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Masive massive loss that the USA tax payers footed the bill for and got nothing in return but aghani refugees moving into the neighborhood

tax payers were paying the afghani army 750 million a year and they caved after a day and left all their nice new equipment for the taliban

Plus on top of that americans died and.or returned home with brain injuries for literally nothing.

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I guess I don’t understand how giving tax money to Americans with social programs is not a stimulus to the economy but buying the taliban billions of dollars worth of arms is.

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preach brother. Fucking insanity.

It was an epic loss for the US. And with interest it’s going to cost us around 6 trillion dollars. Nation building in the Middle East is the worst foreign policy this nation has ever had in its history