Was anybody really excited about

Forrest Vs. Stephen 2?

I really didn't care about seeing them fight a second time and now I hear talk about a third match.

I could really care less about seeing them fight each other. I always felt like the UFC was trying to build up thier first match as a greater fight than it actually was.

yes, and it was still a pretty good fight. if there were some way to take all the pressure off of them, it think we would see a great fight. they wouldnt care about losing and really try to finish it. they were so concerned with trying to put on a good encore, that the didnt really work to finish. i would like to see it go to the ground.

From a fan's perspective, their second fight just looked like a half assed boxing match, mixed in with some sloppy kicks.

Very boring for me.... I really hope we don't see them fight on another ppv card anytime soon.

I believe it was a awsome fight, not the best ever mind you, but better than good. Those were not "sloppy" leg kicks. They were strong ,hard and did damage. The reason Bonner didnt take the fight to the ground was because he didnt want to be submitted. Forrest has Mad ground skills.



It was an awful match - where was the "mixed" in MMA? Second rate sloppy punches, a few kicks here and there - we keep hearing about Griffin's great ground skills and Bonnar's BB in BJJ - where were they?

All we got was a second - no, third - rate striking match. If striking matches appeal to you, watch some K1 or any other good kick-boxing or muay thai fights, where you will see the same kind of thing done properly by experts. This was crap, and all it showed is that both of these guys will get destroyed by the first truly skilled striker they come up against if they use the same kind of tactics they used against each other.

"another perfect example of who booed at the fight. and the ug is still wondering why, lol."

I've never booed a fight in my life and I never will and I don't approve those who do, I respect anyone who steps up and puts it on the line - that doesn't alter the fact that this fight was absolutely awful from start to finish, with a low level of skill being shown by both fighters - I'm a paying customer and I'm entitled to voice my opinion, which is probably much more informed than yours.

Bonnar would lose on the ground.

also, Forrest said his hand was bothering him warming up hitting pads. In Rd 1 he broke it. Also Bonnar broke his thumb. Forrest said his knuckle was the size of a golf ball after the fight.


it was a pretty good fight

More or less, I agree... not a bad fight, and not a bad match-up, in light of their first meeting, but it's not as if this fight should have been part of the main event. Zuffa seems to be giving us about one real main event each month. I feel a bit ripped off but at the same time, I wanted to see Chuck-Babalu II live, and ditto for BJ Penn-Hughes II and Silva-Franklin.