Was anyone on SecondsOut forum?

Did anyone here used to post on that old forum? I was only a lurker there but I remeber the fights that David Leader, beast, Chi Town Slugger and everlast would have with each other. The only one here that I know was on there was Camel Killer but was there anyone else? Its too bad they shut the forum down, it used to be a great board

The Secondsout forum is no more, Homie. Frank Warren sued to get rid of it about two years ago.

That forum had a lot of activity; about as many posts as the Underground Forum. Had it's share of knowledgable posters, as well as former fighters and trainers. Of course, it also had it's share of Gator's and 10Count's also. I remember some clown that said Joppy lost to Tito "because of the ring". LOL, that's the dumbest thing I've ever read!

No Joppy lost to Tito because of his great plan of attack. Stand in front of Trinidad with his hands down. That's smart.