Was Askren vs Aoki rigged? (Proof inside)

Exhibit A:

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Why would Aoki pull guard against the MMA fighter who has the worst standup and one of the best top games?

Exhibit B:

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Since when does Asken have the power to make anyone go into the fetal position with one punch?

Exhibit C:

Shinya Aoki is JAPANESE

Exhibit D:

Japan and ONE are both in the country of ASIA. Coincidence?

Exhibit 4:

Logan Paul was in Japan, which is in Asia, THE SAME MONTH that Ben Askren fought AOKI, who is Japanese, in ONE FC, which is in Asia.

It’s pretty obvious what happened here. Logan Paul went to Japan to pay Aoki off in order to legitimize Askren’s punching power in order to legitimize his brother’s future victory when Askren was paid off to take a dive against him. Or I guess, you know, this could all just be a COINCIDENCE :joy: :roll_eyes:

For a few cans of Monster Energy I bet we can get Quinton Jackson to verify this.

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What the fuck is going on around here?

Asia is one of my favourite countries

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Your insane, Evil Yoshida himself proved Askren vs Masvidal was a work. The trick is to tuck your head in and close your eyes that’s what got Ben.

I thought so too watching this fight recently. I was thinking how da fuck did Aoki get tko’d, Askrens shots were so weak punching from guard. It was a total work IMO. This is coming from a guy who thinks Mayweather vs tensin was real (or put on a great act) tensin definitely got hit and outclassed