Was BJ Penn vs Hughes legit?

Yeah I thought id pounce on this while there is so much talk of works in Pride, it was a similar outcome to the Leko/Ogawa fight and I didn't hear shit on here or on MMAWeekly about that fight being a work.

you have to be kidding.

Eh, don't try to use logic here on this forum

"you have to be kidding."

Yeah I am actually, I just dont like the idiots on here and some websites who seem to cry work everytime a Japanese fighter wins in Pride.

thank goodness.

That fight was not really one that I had anticipated so it was no big deal either way.

The thing that makes me think twice, is that when a guy like Meltzer says he thinks it was probably a work, that's a little different than just random people on the forum calling it a work.

There is a big difference between U.S. fights and Japan. You have to understand the culture differences. Anyone who really knows the Japanese scene, such as Meltzer, can spot stiff works.

Yeah but any MMA fight that ends in a sub can look like a work, was Fedors armbar on Coleman a work? Nogueira's choke? BJ's choke on Hughes. The only difference is the Japanese guy won and all this claiming of work is very disrespectful to the Japanese in my opinion.

I say it's disrespectful to the sport to pull a work.

People calling it a work are doing so with reason. I'm not saying that it is, but going in there was a lot of reason to be suspicious, and the result only muddied it more. Meltzer gives very good insight on it.

matt was trying to relieve a hook and got caught.

Thats just how good BJ is, he made it look like a work. LOL at people that are still in denial. I was at the Gomi fight and he did the same choke w/ ease to Gomi. Was that a work too, how about Kaol fight #1 that fight was done in matter of seconds was that a work too? BJ is just that talented so all you doubters in denial just ask Randy and Matt Lindland just how good BJ is, and those responses are from the former Heavy, light heavy wt champion, a silver medal olympian and then as Frank another UFC champ.Frank also trained w/ BJ and got worked in every aspect of training. Bottom line BJ is kind of like Vitor Belfort unreal talent w/ the right mindset he is unstopable Period: Mat took Bj lightly and he got murdered PERIOD. A rematch would be needed just to shut all the doubters the f*(k up already.

Just to clarify, I was talking about Ogawa/Leko. BJ/Matt was 100% legit, no doubt.

why couldnt it be a work

big odds on BJ, Team Miletichis famous for betting on there own fighters and making HUGE amounts of cash

maybe Matt was tired of the belt and decided to take a lose, grab a hugh junk of cash off the odds and come back after a few fights with less press and get his belt back or move on to 180lbs

no one knows but Hughes IMO, but

I say work, just because that was the worst fight Matt has even been in and looked like he didnt have a clue, not typical Matt and after watching Sherk destroy that Japanese fighter with his wrestling, god damn, Matt's wrestling looked horrible

and give me a break, BJ just as strong as Hughes, LOL

Hughes is has Natural Farmer Strength, thats like Old Man and Dad strenght put together

It is true that a work in the U.S. would be arranged by the participants and not the promoters, which is just the opposite in Japan.

That being said, hughes is not the type of guy to be a part of that kind of scheme.

Penn-Hughes a work? lol!

you guys are funny

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what was the number on Penn that night?

+400 or something?

Penn x Hughes wasn't a work...
get over it already...

Course BJ and Ogawa are two differnt things and its not that most yell 'fix' when its a japanese PRO-W'er not for every Japanese fighter in general and the fact that Pride has done works, so its they're fault for future speculations of it BUT the Leko tapped just as fast as Hughes did.

When chokes are on, theyre on.

For the record, Im 50/50 on this fight.

Anybody who doesn't suspect a work in the Ogawa fight rewatch the knockdown in slow motion. I don't know for sure but I do have some serious suspicion. The choke was given to him and he did tap awful quick but the punch, well that was really fake looking. IMO the punch grazed him on the temple and he rolled with it.

Hughes was not himself and BJ was on, no work.