was diaz daley an early stoppage?

I recently rewatched the diaz daley fight after reading an article on the excellent middleasy.com where daley is asking for a rematch. At the time of the fight I thought it was a good stoppage, but on second viewing daley is still active and defending himself on the ground. you can rewatch the fight here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w0zfeMA8Ic

It was maybe a little early, but I don't think anyone could have any real complaints. Save that they wanted to see more of that fight Phone Post

I think so

 he couldn't even stand up straight, no.

i think if you stop a fight 3 seconds before the end of a round the guy has to be in real danger, and i just dont think daley was. he was obviously hurt, but i think he was still "intelligently defending".

good stoppage. I don't see any reason why Diaz should take a rematch.

 Yes it bloody well was, Daley makes a great point that McCarthy is the same ref who just a few weeks later let Hominick get smashed to bits and never saw fit to end the fight

No Phone Post

Definitely. Daley had plenty left.

Yup, daft stoppage imo. Phone Post