Was Fedor this hated too?

I was wondering if Fedor got as much hate as A. Silve and GSP get when he was tearing it up in PRIDE as i didn't browse forums back then. Did he get ridiculed after every win like GSP and other fighters do, or did people respect him and appreciate his skills


Sagiv Lapkin - Um.......tenor.

Thanks for that insightful answer man. Appreciate it

 He's just a troll MB.

I wasnt around here when pride was alive, i was a SD. Ppl would always hate of Fedor, sometimes it was valid....Zulu come on. Other times it was like the hate GSP gets

Lol don't compare GSP and Fedor. Fedor is by far the more interesting fighter.

StoutGapedTheQueen - Nobody shit on him for being boring because he never was a point fighter like GSP.

 Ask his opponents how their points feel the next day.

Tim, then Arlvoski, then somehow Randy was going to be the one to beat him...eh

It seems as though everyone has something to bitch about. I mean, what would people have been happy with GSP doing?

1.) He was having trouble taking Koscheck down, and once he did, he couldn't keep Koscheck down...so forget about about GSP submitting Koscheck..and 2.)He was dominating him standing up, but didn't "go for the knockout"..I mean, if he starting throwing haymakers, would that satisfy the fans? It's not like he was going against some chump. If he started throwing bombs, he would have left himself open for getting taken down by a top notch wrestler.

I agree that I would have liked him to finish the fight. That being said, he was going against one of the top welterweights in the division.

Fedor has weakness he just dosn't fight anybody ever, hasn't fought a good heavywieght in years and his last fight was a loss to boarderline bottom of the top ten maybe guy in Werdum. If Fedor fights and beats ream and Josh then I'll say he is one of the best untill then he is an OVERARTED can crusher who gets to much love simple cause he is not in the UFC.

Fedor is da man!
Everything he does is offensive........That's why it's so cool to watch him fight!!!!!

That's why I prefer watching wanderlei, shogun, etc too.....
Their fights are more entertaining win or lose.

That's probably why gsp takes so much shit from people, he wins but so much less thunderbolts!!!!

And winning is probably all gsp cares about at the moment! For that we can't blame him.

Darth BLAF - Fedor criticism didn't become acceptable until around 2005 with the advent of paid UFC posters.
Fixed for historical accuracy.

StoutGapedTheQueen - Nobody shit on him for being boring because he never was a point fighter like GSP.

His biggest wins ever were decisions. In 40 minutes of fighting Nog there was maybe one brief flurry in the first fight where he had Nog in any trouble. In 20 minutes of fighting Crocop, Mirko was never in trouble and took almost no damage -- certainly far less than Koscheck took this weekend.

Put GSP in there with Mark Hunt and you'll see a quick sub.

TimeToCrush - Back then the Zuffa Zealots said he was ducking Sylvia and Arlovski.


 "Put GSP in there with Mark Hunt and you'll see a quick sub."

Fedor is one of the dying breed along with a handfull of other guys who fight dudes regardless of weight class. GSP would've never taken the Hunt fight. Tito would've demanded Hunt fought at a catch weight of 215 or some shit lol

 He beat Cro Cop....and Cro Cop is still good enough to be headlining UFCs in 2010 apparently.

MrHenson -  its hard to take anything people say about mma seriously on here 

Fedor may win a few in the UFC but with guys like Cain, JDS, Carwin, Brock and Mir, there is a loss in there somewhere. Phone Post

many years ago, there was no hate for Fedor, since he started to come into the lime light of course people were going to change, as soon as people make it big they are no longer liked the way they were before, they are now viewed as being too popular so people hate them to "be different" same applies to Silva. its like the music industry, a fan of a particular underground band or group will be all over their nuts, and praise the hell outta them, but once they have success they are labeled "sellouts" and their fans turn away from them.

Man there's a whole lot of revisionism going on here.

Yeah Fedor's gotten much hate and much love on this forum. Probably equal measures over the years (people who like to watch fights seem to enjoy his fights - I've always enjoyed watching the Russian fight).

But yes it IS true that after Dana publicly said that Sylvia would "kill" Fedor and that he was "ducking" his guy then it was parroted ad nauseum on here, yeah that happened. And even after Fedor turned Tim into Zuluzinho Dana briefly admitted that it was "legit". Whatever, people have their agendas...

I truely think GSP still gets more love than hate but someobdy's always gotta bitch on this forum. Same with Anderson. Really there isn't a champion that somebody isn't shitting on. Again: agendas.

I like watching fights and have no issues with GSP's style. He plays a tight game and sets a nasty pace. Really he's something to behold. After Shields I hope he goes up and fights Silva. JMO.

Everybody fights who's put in front of them. The Russian crushed some cans, there isn't a fighter out there who hasn't, but keep in mind there was a time when even Bob Sapp was considered a hot prospect. Zuluzinho's record was 3-0 when he fought Fedor. Lesnar was 2-1 when he fought Randy for the UFC strap. And there was never a time in Randy's career that the Russian wouldn't have stopped him cold. I'm a huge fan of both; both guys willing to fight much larger men and find ways to win = BADASSES by any standard. Much much respec'.

It's all basically the same; fights get made to sell tickets and PPVs it's just that Pride and the UFC catered to different base markets and cultural biases. They catered to their base audiences.

And in both cases the hard-core fan was gonna watch anyway so matches get made to bring in 'casual' interest be it pro wrasslers or reality show contestents and both succeeded greatly until the Sakakibara/Yakuza scandal cost Pride their TV deal - in the USA nobody cares that the Ferrtittia brothers are descended from old-school vegas mobsters, or the Armando Garcia debacle, etc.

Hell GSP fought Matt Serra and Dan Hardy for title shots and managed to actually lose one of them (which is NOT a worse loss than Werdum; who's only real crime was underestimating a young prospect in JDS and being unwilling to take less money because of it). Dan fucking Hardy and an endless string of rematches against guys he already beat the shit out of.

At the end of the day; fights that sell get made. Then clowns flock to da ole UG to push their lame agendas.

It's never really changed, there's just more of them these days than prior to '05 as mentioned.