Was Goldberg any good in martial arts?

Everyone knows Steven regal beat the monkey crap out of him in their match and Jericho beat him up backstage, you think Arnold shwartznagger could fight bcs he had big muscles

Regal vs Goldberg was a work. Regal was a better worker but Goldberg was the shooter. I posted proof of him beating Tank in a shoot. Jericho…please.

While it was a work regal made him look foolish, training for football then pro wrestling and wearing mma gloves doesn’t mean you can fight, I thought this was a joke thread

He’s 50yrs old here. I watched him last year in WWE and he still looked good and moved okay in his mid 50s. Most pro wrestlers can pro athletes are broken down old men by then.
I think it was a Rogan/Bravo clip where they talked about being on some advertisement clip with him and he warned the stunt guys in advacnce and then sent them flying when he ran straight through them.

….none of that is evidence he can fight, but he could have really been something if he had of pursued wrestling in college like Lesnar, instead of football.

Mitrione, Schuab, Bobby Hoffman, Shawn Jordan, Greg Hardy, Hershal Walker etc… have all shown that football is an incredible base for MMA. Goldberg would destroy you.

PVZ to Bellator

Golden age BLAF comes back when somebody asks about Oscar

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Those negotiations happened at the $$ amounts I said. Ifgaf if you cant accept it lol

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I literally just told you ive trained and sparred with Bill alot. He knows what he’s doing. Done deal


I was there.