Today I was walking to Penn station (NY) from work, I more or less jogging, I crossed a street and this moron turning the corning almost hits me, I accidentally hit his van with my Bag. He pulls over to the side of the road, gets out and yells hay a** hole, and approaches from my left side. I keep walking and he keeps coming, so he starts yelling stuff like you hit my truck now I'm going hit you, I turn and face him and he is this huge Italian, now I'm 6'4 but I'm not that built, he was shorter but much bigger. So I put my hand up in front of me (NVP) and start saying I'm sorry, (I'm sh***ing a brick) well he still yells, I say we don't need to fight, then he is like 3 feet from me, I tell him that he shouldn't come any closer, well he puts his arms out and runs at me as if to tackle me, I step forward and punch him right straight in the chin, he fell flat on the ground, knocked right out, never saw it coming. Well I turned around and start walking to the subway (still shaking), and then I went home.

Do you think I was wrong for turning towards him, or should I have kept walking? And was it ok for me to leave with him unconscious on the sidewalk.

Thanks Tony, I think if not for you I may have gotten my A** handed to me

While waiting for a response from Coach Blauer I can't help but say what I think. I hope I am not too far off.:)

Based on your description, if you had not turned around the assailant would have turned you himself (grabbing an arm) or tackled you from behind. Either case could have been catastrophic. By turning, you allowed yourself to prepare and set up a preemptive strike. This strike ended a bad situation with minimal damage to you and possibly your assailant. I would say that, with the exception of the potentially challenging phrase of "don't come any closer", you handled the situation pretty well.

From your description, sounds like you did a perfect job.

We can always get 'anal' and dissect if yoyu used the most desible NVP or whether you shouldve thrown a palm vs a punch, blah, blah, blah...

My companies maxim for a decade has been:

"In combat, ONLY th eresult counts"

And the results are in: You=1 Bad guy=0



It's hard to read a post like this and NOT think about what I would do in the same situation, but hey, man, I wasn't there in your shoes at the time. Based on what you said, I have the impression that if you'd hesitated you would have meditated (horizontally --E.P.). I like to think I would have reacted the same way, but probably wouldn't have. As I read your post and played "what if" I saw my 5'7" self sidestepping the dude's advance and hauling ass.

BTW, you get extra credit for not sticking around afterward.

Thank you for your support,

Instead of the don't come any closer, what might you have said.

BTW, my motivation, After the (You are tougher than me) I'm sorry and NVP, he didn't back down so. I thought it would be better if he thought I wasn't backing down by walking backwards in the NVP, I thought he may back of, guess I was wrong. Well it was a spur of the moment thing any way, I'd still like your advice though.

Thanks again you guys are great!

I probably would have said the same thing.

It's nitpicking, but some psychopaths may look at "don't come any closer" as a challenge. There thoughts are "oh yeah, what ya gonna do 'bout it."

You showed him what you'd do. Excellent!