Was just in Miami

I am looking forward to watching them.

It is hard to grasp with how huge Jacksonville is after being in dense cities.

Five Points has gotten much nicer too, and the Ramen place there (Crane Ramen) is fantastic.


hard to take seriously anyone with such a poor golf swing.

I’d die laughing.

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Same goes for the Eastside of Jax. Although that area is down by the Jags stadium.

Just like any city there hoods and you know where not to go.

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They are breaking ground on the three luxury towers and the four seasons soon. That whole area is in for some big changes.

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The city did their best to piss Kahn off but he finally got something going. Still a ways to go to make him happy I believe.

I am familiar with some of the private REITs and institutional money with a lot of skin in the game.

They are over most of the hurdles.

I heard they sold most of the condos Azure is putting in on Jax Beach, and they secured pre construction buyers for the really expensive penthouses and boat slips going in downtown.

I would have called someone insane if they told me they could sell a bunch of $1.5mm - $6.5mm condos on Jax Beach, but it happened. Money from Palm Beach moving up according to a local REIT guy.

don’t know any details behind the mall, just the residential space.

Ground breaks very soon though

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Considering it was likely the first time those dudes touched clubs…the swing wasnt that bad

Major International Cities usually feel scary when one is new/visiting and for those which live there, it’s just home I imagine.

I always find it interesting how rural/small-town people will tell how terrible is the city and can’t imagine living there but then they go into the city for shopping/recreation?

Is this how you remembered it?

love going to Miami and florida in general.

will smith miami GIF by Romy

easily imo.

We were in Wynwood and a line of cars came through… a lamb SUV, a lamb supercar, some AMG Benz, and don’t know what the last one was, all with matching camo paint jobs and orange rims and blue lights underneath. Must have been some club.

One morning three different Rolls pulled up to the East while I had coffee.

I saw a young black kid, couldn’t have been over 22 or so, struggle to fit a girl’s oversized LV bag into that little trunk on the front of his McLaren.


Was in South beach with the mrs on the strip at a restaurant. Heavy clouds of weed smoke everywhere, thugs, twerking, etc. “you are the only white person down here omg” she told me. That about sums it up. At 9 we quickly gtfo of there as it was getting real sketchy. The news the following weeks would prove me right.


You went to look at other people’s houses instead of going to the beach at Miami?

I know you migrated to Florida but the beach is a must every time I visit Miami. So much fun.

I went to visit some Panamanian friend in Miami in October and it was all Trump shit. I only like Miami slightly better than NYC because cities aren’t really my thing. Spent a lot of time clubbing in Latin America in high school, not really my thing anymore

Latinos don’t target white ppl, (in the US) only black ppl do. Relax


Ha! Yup.

Also, at least 200 episodes of COPS wound up at that building

when watching people, always wear shades
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I am packing 24/7. The GUNSHINE STATE ain’t for the weak homie. Take that baby shit to Colorado.

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Out of curiosity where does the money typically come from for these folk?