Was life good for Nazi supporting citizens during hitlers reign?

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Ultimately, of all the different surrender treaties in WW1, Versailles was the lightest. Besides Bulgaria’s. “Fairness” might be relative and subjective. But, when Germany imposed harsher terms on Russia than the Entente powers imposed on Germany, then there is no good argument that Versailles was “unfair.” If Germany had won, they would have imposed harsher terms on France than were imposed on them, and we know that because they had the chance to be the winners and showed what they would do.

What happened was that after the war there were a bunch of hyper-conservative generals who needed there to be any excuse for why they lost, so they concocted a bunch of conspiracy theories and woe is me tales to point the finger anywhere else. Germany’s pride was based around it military, and that military was humiliated.

German war reparations were canceled in 1932. They only ever paid a very small percentage of what they agreed to.

You are thinking of a package of debts that Germany took on after WWI. Partially, but not entirely, taken on in order to pay reparations. But even a lot of that was canceled in the 1950s.

Debt payments can last a while. Britain is still paying off debt from the Napoleanic Wars.

I appreciate the response. Ill look into it further