Was Mike V Arsdale Counting His W's In UFC when..

Rashad clowned Tiki by asking him "How many wins you got in the UFC?"

MVA: "Hehehe. Oh wait....




Mike did win a fight back in the day.


He was nervous for a second there imo

Tiki is a fucking clown. That guys hasnt touched on being remotely relevant in the last 5 years. so Tiki, do us all a favor..shave that stupid ass beard and stfu.

to be fair when rashad found out tiki's ufc record, he admitted it was a low blow and decide to take it back but tiki kept on pushing.

Mike's 2-2 in the UFC. Tiki's 0-4.

Van Arsdale has wins over Pardo & Marsh in the UFC. That said, I don't understand the logic behind attacking Tiki, Rashad is the one who instigated the shit talking as far as Tiki is concerned. Tiki, in spite of being substantially under sized, simply called Rashad on his shit and showed that he was willing to fight if honor dictated.

There's no reason for Tiki to even be on the show. What is a 170 fighter who hasn't won a fight in the UFC going to teach a group of heavyweights?

Not only does MVA have a better MMA record, he was successfull in other combat sports: "A decorated high school and collegiate wrestler Van Arsdale was 1988 NCAA Division 1 collegiate wrestling champion at 167 lb (76 kg)"