Was OJ's Son the Killer? Martin Sheen New Doc

Jason Simpson was 24 at the time of the killings. 5'11 230 with military hand to hand combat and knife training. Suffered from bi-polar rage disorders, multiple personalities, alcoholism. Multiple psychiatrists had tried to help him. History of aggression. Night of murders he left his job (chef at local restaurant) some time around 940-945, attacks happened around 10pm. Chefs have knife collections/bags. He owned multiple knit caps similar to one found at murder scene. Owned a dog. Dog hairs found in that cap. Killer battled with Ron Goldman (Karate BB) up to 10-15 straight minutes. OJ had no bruises or signs of fighting when examined. Phone Post 3.0

How do they know he fought for 10 mins? Phone Post 3.0

based on book/research by William Dear

https://youtu.be/qkGSEHEop6Y Phone Post 3.0

Interdasting Phone Post 3.0

The theory is asinine.

It's hilarious how a story so full of holes and circumstantial nonsense could gain any traction at all. If anyone is interested in a good laugh, read Dear's preposterous take on the murders.

Here are a few of my favorite highlights...

1. His timeline suggests the son committed the murders, contacted OJ, and OJ's arrival on the scene where he apparently wipes away any physical evidence Jason was there, including footprints, blood, etc, then returning home all under 12 minutes.

2. Dear suggests OJ should have evidence of being in a fight since he was battling a young man fighting for his life. Never mind the fact Jason was around police and TV cameras days after murder and also showed no marks or bruises sustained in a struggle. Never mind Goldman was 5'7' and 170 lbs, going up against a knife wielding, fully enraged, 6'2' 220 lb OJ.

3. He completely dismisses OJ's documented history of violence, while ranting on about how applicable Jasons is.

4. He barely addresses the blood evidence because he has no idea what he's talking about. His focuses only on variables that help his narrative.

Check it out for a good laugh.

Another documentary on this theory came out over 10 years ago.  This is nothing new.

No one believes they fought for 10-15 minutes. Goldman's stab wounds would have led to a rapid loss of strength.

Hairs in cap and skin DNA under NBS' nails didn't match OJ!! Phone Post 3.0

http://s33.postimg.org/ikwk1ba3z/image.jpg Phone Post 3.0

http://s33.postimg.org/mgeoze7sf/image.jpg Phone Post 3.0

King Of All Tenors - Hairs in cap and skin DNA under NBS' nails didn't match OJ!! Phone Post 3.0

The blood under her nails was her own, something Dear conveniently doesn't mention. Alos, it was never concluded that the hairs on the cap were not Simpons. It was only stated the hair was similar to OJ's. I don't think it was ever tested for DNA.

click through and see all the pics Phone Post 3.0

I thought we had already accepted that Mark Fuhrerman is the culprit since he said something bad about a black person at some point in his lifetime.

It goes against the evidence and the time frame is off. Look up the rebuttal. The limo driver and Cato testimony alone proves the theory nill Phone Post 3.0

I like how they point out Ron was a karate black belt like that would have meant shit against a former nfl running back. Phone Post 3.0

It was Crosby stills Nash and young, they are all military kids living in Laurel canyon check your facts. Masterminded by Jared leto Phone Post 3.0


Dear shows room full of evidence to reporter Phone Post 3.0

I actually think the son did it. He needed money to pay off a huge debt and spoke to OJ about borrowing some money and OJ said "go axe your mom." Phone Post 3.0

Lol at 'karate bb'
This is MMA.tv, anyone here knows that means fuck all for a little guy when an ex NFL player comes charging and stabby.

But for this theory we'll just state it means an epic 15 min Enter the Dragon finale. Phone Post 3.0

Uli Kunkel - Don't be a dope. OJ did it. How is this even a question anymore? Phone Post 3.0

She was letting Goldman drive his Ferrari!!! Am I the only one who sees this?