Was R. Francois ripped off?

This is what I'm hearing that he won 2 of the 3 rounds. Anyone else think this? I was not there so I'm just hearing hearsay so I would like to hear other peoples opinions.

I believe Francois won the fight. Something did not seem right with Cote. He just couldn't execute his game plan.

Why would a respected manager start a thread on hearsay?

I don't know Joseph, why would I?

If you read my post I'm asking a question and would like to hear peoples opinions on the fight.

Do you have a problem with me Joseph?

No problem with you, Nathan... I guess just the question coming off of hearsay from you.

I'm glad you don't have a problem with me Joseph. I'm just looking to hear from other people their opinions on this fight. That's it that's all. It really would suck if he was ripped off. He has a great record and beat a name such as Wes Simms. It would be nice to see another Canadian in the big show.

Ill start hearsay...Stephane is a blatant scammer and liar who would use any influence that he has left to protect his investments.

BTW I really like Cote, and Ricardo shut me up bigtime after the Simms fight so my words are nothing against either of them.


I still can't believe you can have feet this long and still lose a fight. I think there's a conspiracy afoot...

It looked to me like Francois pushed the pace more and deserved a draw at least

man, I've been praising, PRAISING the man known as LONGPLAY since his KO win over WES SIMS, people laughed at me, people said "Cote will destroy Longplay"........ once again, I was right.

Nathan, I got the coolest shorts ever, but the camp I'm in is in the middle of a village, so no shirt for ya yet. I should be heading to Lumpini next week though.


Francois didn't do quite enough to get the win ... a few sidekicks but he never landed any punches or combos. Then again, Cote didn't do much either but enough to defend ... split decision sounded ok to me.

And Francois needs to get himself into straight up boxing ... man if he had good hands and could work combos, he could get scary.

I cant wait to see the fight...will we ever see the fight? Steph can you send me a copy?


Deepu...it was great seeing you on Saturday. Sorry about having to run around so much.

Good seeing you too Joe and dude, you're supposed to be busy when you come to these events :)


You think the fight was fixed????

Are you really that uneducated about the sport. The QAC listens to No promoter...They are as efficient as any other Commision. I don't think some of you realize the amount of things done from the many area's of the people involved in running a successful show. Its always easier to sit back and criticize, but ask yourself if you really understand....

And by the way Francois did do very well, but he ran the whole fight. Sometimes fighting an awkward fighter can make the best fighter looked out of his game. Francois lost...

Cote defies gravity! I don't think you can really fight a guy effectively who defies gravity.

LOL @ Dougie

François lost the fight.