Was rampage's rampage ever explained?

Just curious about this. Remember when rampage drove his monster truck through the streets and was arrested by cops. Did anyone ever explain WTF happened there? Last word I got on it was too many energy drinks or something.

Just seems strange

They hushed that up real quick like. And you will be banned for mentioning Rampage as a person that went batshit crazy. And could have possibly killed people.

Running into pregnant women doesn't matter when you are a UFC fighter.

It could have been worse though, he could have narc on some kids for weed in high school.

 Too much Red Bull yo


I think a lot of people forget that when he was racing over sidewalks and taking out pregnant ladies he was attempting to get to a friends to deliver a copy of 'The Secret' on DVD. It is the most comical part of that whole ordeal, yet it is constantly overlooked when the incident is discussed. My wife who could give a shit about the fights became a Rampage fan when she heard the interview in the days following when he spoke about it. Dead serious!

Moist Gracie -
Darth Ryase -  Too much Red Bull yo

 yeah, they were saying it was energy drinks and lack of sleep.

I believe it was monster Phone Post

Was it really a monster truck or just a lifted 4x4 like the powerstroke he has? Phone Post

Bob Proctor got all up in his head yo!

he was fasting for two days and drinking energy drinks...sleep deprived and mixing energy drinks is a bitch..I use to smash a Monster so I can stay up all night and finish my home work, fucked me up..