was silva vs arona...A WORK...

hey something is odd about that fight...

shogun and silva admit that they had plans to fix the gp

and if you look at the fight between arona and silva

something is odd
a grapller out strikeing silva
silva not even trying to strike much on the feet
arona not trying to do any big damage or sub silva after he took down...

and now they will fight right after the gp
so a rematch...that is usually done after a close and great to watch fight

but here we have aa rematch of lets be honest a boring fight and one sided fight...

seems a little fishy

i am not big into these theorys but something does seem odd

time for all the "yoshida work" pundits to come on here and shout WORK!


1) They never admitted plans to fix the GP. Silva said that the rest of Chute Boxe thought Shogun should bow out if they both made it to the finals but Silva disagreed.

2) Silva/Arona II is not a rematch of a close fight, it is a fight for the Pride MW title which Arona earned by beating Silva in the GP.

The Silva quote was a hoax. It never appeared in the web or print version of Tatame.


I don' t see how they could have fixed it... Overeem was handling
Shogun before he gassed... so it would have been stupid for Chute
Boxe to have Wand intentionally lose and risk not having any reps in
the finals.

Good god. You HAVE to be trolling.

Definitely a work. Silva knew Shogun would beat Overeem, and that if he also beat Arona then there would be two Chute Boxe fighters in the finals. Knowing it wouldn't be very exciting if that happened, Silva threw the fight with Arona so BTT would also have a chance to win the GP. This way the fans, as well as the other members of Chute Boxe, would not be bored watching the final match knowing in advance which team was gong to win...

Makes perfect sense to me.

No way was that a work. Arona just Silva off his game, it happens.

Interesting theories.

I heard aliens arranged the Frye/Hall work.

would have been a hell of a boring work

answer: no


I think a lot of his fans want to believe it was a work .

I don`t think it was .

well, Silva got worked over anyway

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