Was that Lebrons last chance?

Duuuuudes getting old! Father Time is like “Oh no no no we didn’t forget about you!”
Who you guys have winning the playoff this year?

He’s all done. He’s basically become a cancer to his team. I can’t imagine his teammates respect or like him after he quit on them.

That said, I’m sure he’ll try to recruit free agents like Kawhi Leonard and Chris Paul to the Lakers. Create an all star team and win a couple of championships like he’s done in the past.


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Philly for the win

“Was that Lebrons last chance?”

One can only hope.



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Lakers to splurge on one last Brooklyn-esque hurrah next season

For being the so called greatest, has he ever came close to winning a championship even in his prime WITHOUT recruiting other stars to win it? I mean Khawi was really the only superstar in Toronto when they won it sure they had solid players but he literally was the man

Honest question as I am not a basketball fan

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honest answer? No

LeBum came close in his first stint in Cleveland, then figured out he couldnt win the whole thing without a super team

off to Miami

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He didn’t have a super team when he won in Cleveland, did he?

No you’re pretty spot on. Even Curry won (his first) with a team that wasn’t built around super stars. Klay was a very good player before the injuries but they where both home grown stars.

No. He manufactured his championship team in Miami with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

In Cleveland, he had Kyrie Irving, who I hate, but is a top 10 player.

And in LA, he had to get Anthony Davis.

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Lebron’s legacy is being the guy trying to outdo Jordan.
He never came close.

That and flopping like a soccer player.

Tim Duncan is greater.


Hard to know if he’s done.
Going to the Lakers was meant to be about Hollywood business and a sign he’d finished caring about basketball, according to so many people.
He missed the playoffs and the next year won the title by trading the whole team for one player.
The Lakers are willing to pay so who knows. If they don’t offer Schroder $20+ mill again then that’s more than enough to get a great third player … or two very good role players.

The modern NBA can shift on a dime.

These threads are fun when LeBron doesn’t win. He makes some of you boys very emotional.

Lebron is the second best player ever and it’s not even a question. Hes definitely not the best competitor and thats where Jordan was leaps and bounds better than everyone, including tiger woods. This is the first finals without lebron or curry in 10 years. Insane

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He’ll blame the fans/coaches/teammates and then change teams if he “can’t win” another championship in LA.

If LA expects to win next year they need a completely new team. About 8 guys on the current team are terrible.
As far as Lebron himself, he’s still a great player but he’s looking older. He’s pass first, less drives to the rim, less defense played, and loves the fade away. I told my son that I feel like I’m watching an old Karl Malone play.
No way he wins another championship without having the best team in the league.

Not trying to be a smart ass, but aren’t all teams that win a championship the best team in the league?

It is absolutely a question.

No way Lebron is above Kareem or Wilt.

Duncan had a very strong argument over him.

Magic and Bird are good arguments.

When you only have 5 guys on the court, 1 great guy can make up for a few bad teammates… however LeBron is no longer good enough to compensate for poor play around him.