Was that Tim Sylvia sparring? TUF2

I swore I saw Sylvia on the bike and sparring.......Why was he there?

Prob getting ready for his fight with Tre.

He is on MFS with Matt, maybe he was brought in to help out?

I think he trained with some of the TUF guys prior his Telligman fight

Yup, it sure was.

I saw that too....

it was him

i believe we will be seeing more of him in upcoming episodes

No. It was another 6'8 freak of nature with a Hulk Hogan mustache and terrible posture that happens to be friends with Rich Franklin and Matt Hughes.

lol @ Linkage

who's gonna spar with all these giants they brought in? Hughes? Franklin?

It makes sense to me and good exposure for yet another UFC star

I saw that too. They should have other UFC fighters make different appearances throughout the series.

UFC has Sylvia.

Pride has Fedor.

Nuff said

Yup, that was him.

It was him, he stayed in Vegas and hung out with Matt and Rich when they weren't taping the show.