Was there a UFC all access: Penn?

If there was I missed it, can someone post a link or something?

ttt for a link

I odnt beleive there was a UFC All Access this time arnd, though I could be wrong but I didnt see it on my tivo

There was a one-hour SpikeTV Hughes vs. Penn PREVIEW which also featured Swick and Loiseau. Half hour on each match-up.

It was like All Access, where it showed how they train, etc. but NOT an All Access.

The last All Access was Babalu.

IMO a Preview gets more attention, than an All Access.

Only hardcore MMA fans will care about details of a particular fighter. A preview interests people into getting the PPV, as it focuses on more fighters and why they are fighting.

A preview which includes fighter history, plus them training, plus the hype gets both hardcore MMA fans AND casual fans interested.

"Did it have Rachelle Leah?"

I don't think so, it had the fighters themselves, with Dana and Rogan explaining the history/hype/why this fight is exciting/why this fighter is exciting/BOTH sides of the battle/etc.

Better way to convert viewers into PPV buys than Rachelle hanging out all day with just ONE fighter

so can I get a link to it?

No, sorry :)