Was This Ass "Built" or "Bought"?



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Butts are pretty sometimes but god damn people spend a lot of time focused on this.

Not knocking you, OP, just saying holy shit ass is a mega industry now. I dont remember ass being 99 percent of industry in the 80s.

Way more about tits then.

Fucking mixalot.


It looks enhanced

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don’t get me wrong, for me it is about being proportional

looks enhanced in 2 and 4.

I hope they offer refunds if so. Looks decent but I’ve had much better.


Bought, but I wouldn’t care.

One of the best asses in fitness:

The NEW OG believes women get plastic surgery? WTF!!!

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The face certainly looks paid for and women that self conscious seldom stop there.

Need more pics to decide

Bought for sure. Same as her lips, or has she been working them in the gym for years too?

I believe that the injections in the butt can be done over time with adding a bit here and there, it doesn’t have to be all at once. My source for this is my shitty memory, I read it somewhere once, so take it with a pinch of salt. Are any OGers plasic surgeons?


Either way, I’d test its limits.

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Did you see the video?

Just because she has a few clips of her doing stuff in the gym, doesn’t mean it’s not surgically enhanced. I feel like it’s too dramatic a transformation to be entirely gym built.

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closer spy kids GIF

ass is genetics, you can’t build it, or you have to gain weight