Was This Ass "Built" or "Bought"?

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Who tells you people these things?

Does anyone know why we find ass so attractive i love it so much but I have no idea why

I’m not no teacher but It looks bought to me.
Regardless I’m no queer so wood 🪵

I don’t know why you faggots find that attractive… you might as well find some twink from a gym

fortified, imo

same reason why big red swollen pussies protruding from a baboons ass is liked by male baboons

when we were cavemen and fucking doggie only, its what attracted us to mate. its why a trannies ass always looks like man ass

I saw a few of her videos on YouTube recently, she’s obviously roided out but I was impressed at how strong she is. She’s kind of pretty but built like Chad mendes. Bodybuilder chicks just make me assume they cut nasty whey protein farts too



That’s a dude