was van damm in UFC crowd

I though I saw Van Damm during Terry Etim def. Matt Grice walkout.

Did anyone else see him?

Yes. His miserable daughter was also there.

Yeah I know what you are talking about. Sitting behind when they were about to walk into the octagon. I'm pretty sure that wasn't him, the guy looked damn old. The glasses he was wearing were the same ghey glass Van Damm was wearing during the Bodog press conference.

Oh if he was actually there I take back what I said.

Ah ha, that has to be what did Mirko in. He saw his childhood idol in the audience and was too distracted to fight.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

Im must be the only one who is missing UFC announicing all celebreties in attendance.

At least we wouldn't have to guess.

CoroCop is filming with Van Damme

Sitting next to Van Damme's daughter was Vadim Finkelstein, the manager of Fedor.

Fedor is also working with Van Damme in a bloodsport type of movie. I believe Fedor will play the villain