wash/dry new Atama Gold Weave?

Does anyone know the proper washing and drying directions for a new Atama Gold Weave. My Komono did not come with any washing/drying instructions. Any help?


DONT MACHINE DRY IT!!!! Hang it up, you will get some shrinking, but it wont be too much. Keep the wife away from it, YOU WILL HAVE TO DO THE TASK YOURSELF (ha!).

Wives have been known to sabotage husbands interest in
BJJ by shrinking kimonos beyond recognition.

By the way nice job rolling today!!

L.A. in 9 days BOYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

1/3 Trilogy Im outta here

EST103- try this linkwashing instructions

thxs RICKT and Macacos. RickT I'm having a hard tiem just hanging on now Bro- your game is gettin SMOOTHHHHH- lets keep training !!