Washed-up Pro Wrestler trying to

cash in on Chuck Liddell. This guy was unable to generate his own income and now he wants to try to squeeze the Iceman for some of his...

The following is from MMAWeekly.com and Ryan Bennett:


A pro wrestler who calls himself the Iceman says he owns that nickname and thinks he could sue the UFC and Chuck Liddell over its use. Jonathan "Iceman" Knudsen said he registered the name and likeness in 1991. MMAWeekly talked to the professional wrestler and got this statement regarding the situation...

"I bought the licensing rights to this gimmick in 1991. And have filed the gimmick as a TM (trademark). I spent several thousands of dollars to file the gimmick name as a pro wrestler. I have also contacted Black Ice, the company that sponsored Chuck Liddell, to let them know they can no longer use the gimmick name ICEMAN for any of their companies product endorsements or merchandising.

I have also spoken to Chuck Liddell to let him know that I would need to see how they will be packaging his products with the use of the name ICEMAN as an endorsement. As a professional wrestler it is very important to license your name for the reason of signing contracts later down the road.

Without your gimmick name licensing it could mean loss of several thousands of dollars in merchandising and product placement. I am not looking to cause Chuck or the UFC any grief, I have simply told them about the problem with Chuck using the name as a product placement. As long as he does not try to sell products or push products simply using the name ICEMAN gimmick on those products. I have no problem with him using it. I hear he is a very nice guy and easy to get along with and he spoke very professionally on the phone with me today."

What a dong.

Sounds like the guy is BSing, doesn't the Wrestling company own the name? I heard the Stern interview with the Rock and see said he could use the Rock in movie credits, because Vince McMahon gave the name to him. Wouldn't he have to get permission to use the name from the company he works for?

On one hand I don't blame him, if you go through the trouble to license your image you should be able to cash in. On the other, it should not apply to all athletes only to your sport.

He should have to fight Chuck for it.

Was Iceman from Marvel comics? if so why can't they sue this guy?

Louco: that is something specific to the WWF. I dont blame this guy for what he feels about his gimick but it shouldnt apply to other sports.

Well, Jean-Yves Theriault, the bad-ass kickboxer from back in the day uses the Iceman nickname and still uses it for http://www.icemankickboxing.com/

Prior use and common sense don't factor in?

wait a sec... Maybe Val Kilmer will go ofter these two.... I mean wasn't he "Iceman" in a silly little kenny loggins driven movie in 1986??

Common Val Kilmer the OG ICEMAN!!!


What about the old basketball player George "The Iceman" Gervin?

king parsons was the true iceman!

lol, this is stupid

Ok cool, all that trademark crap confuses me. lol

I think the guy should have to prove the he made or currently makes an income from the moniker.

HAHAHAH, That's awesome.

I'm not so sure, those porn network guys bring in a lot of bank as it is.

yea gervin's gonna be PISSED yo

What about Iceman King Parsons?

If Chuck is stealing from any Iceman pro-wrestler, it's got to be Parsons. :)



Iceman King Parsons