Washing GI's

I know this has come up before but have you guy's had problems washing GI's? It ends up breaking the drum in the washer! It happened two times already because of the heavy amount of water the Mizuno double-weaves absorb. I usually do not wash any other cloths at the same time. Have any of you vetrans experieinced this?

You mean you don't just keep your gi in the bag to "cure"? I thought for sure that ammonia scent I get when I leave it in there was some kind of cleaning mechanism.

Every apartment building I lived in always seemed to have a lot of mysterious laundry room problems. First, they would post restricted laundry room hours (after the first month of me washing gis at 3am). Then, stuff would just kind of break (me throwing multiple doubleweaves into the spin cycle).

Now I have my own washer and dryer. I usually do max two gis at a time with no other stuff and everything seems to be fine (Mizuno and Hsu doubles, also a couple of Kusakura doubles but they are pretty thin). It's important to make sure the washer is level and the load is properly distributed otherwise the spin cycle will make the washer hop like a jumping bean.

Now I feel just like Suzie Homemaker, trading laundry tips.

Yeah I know it was level but I think the wieght of it combined with absorbed water can do damage. The pin cycle does get out of wack I know what you mean.

i wash 2 gis at a time to balance the damn thing out. one gi on 1 side, the other opposite.

Yeah thanks I will try that. I should get another white gi from my instructor so I can have the same color in at one time. He puts and order in every once in awhile.

You can wash gi's? Huh. Learn something new every day.

I thought washing gi's led to a lessening of your chi?

nah, thats just the belt... =)

though, i swear, i know a few guys who wouldnt know that judogi's should remain mainly white, or anything less that grey/black.

its just friggin disgusting.

Dude, I wash my gis every time and they still won't stay white past a month. The whole back turns like yellow and gray, there's all kind of stuff going on along the inside of the collar, not to mention what's going on in the copious butt sweat region. Thank god for being able to order spare pants. And I use soap and everything.

We bought a front load washer so I could wash judogi without any capacity or unbalance problems. In a top load machine, it can be a real bitch, especially with double weigh gi.

Front loads get stuff cleaner anyway.

Ben R.

Yeah I lived with a girl and we had a front loader. They use a lot less water and save you money but are expensive to repair alot of guys tell me. SOme people do not wash gi's, I have heard of that also and it is pretty tacky.