Wasn't the IMMAE this past weekend?

 Last year it was heavily advertized, but this year, I see nothing.

Did it happen?

Was it awesome?

Did it suck?

I see that they separated the Gi'Less and the Gi divisions into two separate tournaments...So I will be competing in the Gi'less US Open in Los Angeles at the end of this month, and I see that there is another expo at that event also....

Same thing, or different?




 Ahh....then I will be competing at the same event as the IMMAE, again.

Hopefully Arianny will honor me with another victory photo as I wear the gold medal.

Believe me,with all the marketing going on on this site,she will be here trust me.I mean,it`s like all them fucking ads you see on your computer or along the road that say make $1400.00 a month at home on your computer and mma.tv was the website where you started out.


 Well since I will he headlining my division, Rara should have me on the poster..




 Advanced Superheavyweight Division.....

THAT is "How you can slap"

Join me.