Wasps kill Canadian mayor

Lucie Roussel, La Prairie mayor, dies after 15 wasp stings

MONTREAL -- The longtime mayor of a Montreal suburb died after she was stung by a swarm of wasps Sunday.

Lucie F. Roussel, 51, had been mayor of La Prairie, Que., since 2005.

A friend told QMI Agency that Roussel inadvertently stepped on a wasps' nest at her cottage in Stratford, Que., in the Eastern Townships.

Roussel was pronounced dead in hospital.

"It's really sad because she lost her husband four years ago," said the friend, Helene Ste-Marie. "So two 18- and 19-year-old children have been left orphaned."

Roussel had served on La Prairie's town council since 1999 and was in her third term as mayor. Flags at the town hall were flying at half-mast Monday.

She ran for a seat in the provincial legislature in the 2012 Quebec election, but lost and retained her mayoral job.

La Prarie, Que. mayor Lucie F. Roussel died after stepping on a wasps nest at her cottage, Sunday, July 20, 2014. (Handout/VILLE DE LAPRAIRIE)

Damn, sad story... Phone Post 3.0


I stepped on a wasps next three years ago... Not a nice experience. Phone Post 3.0

Oooh, I bet that stings.

I put a shovel into a wasp nest when digging irrigation once.  A big swarm comes out and I just swung the shovel.  I took out a huge cloud of them, and then ran like a little girl.  

Wasps are jerks.  

I hate all bees and wasps. Fucking assholes. Phone Post 3.0

18 and 19 year old orphans? The hell? Phone Post 3.0

I have recently stood upon a 100ft high flaming pyre of wasps I had defeated in mortal combat....or I sprayed a tiny nest with Raid, dropped the can and ran....one of the two.

It's well known that wasps are the assholes of the insect world. Phone Post 3.0