Wassup guys , Fr:(kTeam)

Wassup Guys Im Back!! Hey anybody going to the worlds. I am looking to compete in the American CUp in May and then the Worlds so, I am looking for some solid training partners. Let mne Know

Shoots, Brad

I will be going to the worlds. Stay outta my division. :P Kthanxbye!

brad!!! long time no see....

seeing is kron is still a brown belt, i am going for a rematch. im always down to train.



BJJtek what did you think of Kron's BJJ when you wrestled him?


Consider ICON's doors always open  for anyone training with bbjtek

^^IT'S A TRAP!!!!

Brad I am down, let me know

Rob Hesia

kTeam = good people.

good luck bruthah, train hard!

JJD, Kron is amazingly talented. It's hard to judge someone's skill in such
a short time but I will say that Kron was the first to submit me in
competition ever. I look forward to rolling with him again.

Hey whatsup kteam


What did he catch you with and how did he set you up? waits with pen and notebook

clock choke? holy crap, don't tell me kron is actually FAIXA!!??!?

Actually, it was a version of a clock choke from the front headlock. Kron "Faixa" Gracie has an incredible grip. By the time i realized i was in trouble, i was not getting out.