Watch ADCC 2007 at home!!!! and Pro Elite have joined forces and will be airing ADCC live!

NICE!!! extensive will the coverage be man...obviously there are alot of matches going on at the same time

Not sure yet but Im confident that OTM will do a good job as always!

I came on to post this, but i guess you beat me to it. Too bad it's $20 and not free (free is always nice), I hope this goes towards the prize money.

or the cost to get it aired (camera crew etc...)

Anyone use or know of a good program to record streaming video? I doubt the wife would appreciate me sitting in front of the computer all day.


Ashmodai, you most likely need a capture card.

Does pro elite allow you to view matches after they have happend? later in the day?

what i mean is can i come home late saturday night and view the matches from earlier in the day?


This is nice, but how long would it be before we can buy the DVD of the matches? I assume that there will be one because of the camera crew...

it says "unlimited viewing" in the article