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DATE: December 19th, 2003
FFC PROMOTERS: Lee Coates and Rob Braniff.
VENUE: Beau Rivage Resort & Casino.


Adam O'Keefe(MS) vs. Donald Paige(LA)
Kenny Stevens(LA) vs. Blaze Bourg (LA)
JC Pennington(LA) vs. Jose Nazario(TX)
Jason Braswell(FL) vs. Jayme McKinney(LA)
Warren Donley(LA) vs. Chris Conley(AL)
Jarret Becks(MS) vs. Tonny Canales(LA)
Carlo Prater(TX) vs. Melvin Guilliard(LA)
Kristian Rothaermel(LA) vs. Sam Adkins(TX)

Note: The first fight between John Cole and Lance Clements was edit from the on-demand webcast, but will be available at Badbreed.TV or FFC.TV soon.

great event!! everyone should check it out.



There's a little bit of everything on this show. Wait until Feb. 20th for FFC 8. We have 2 championship bouts that will blast off huge!!!


We should have the beta tapes coming this week (from FFC 7) Also, Let's talk this week about the KINGS show on Jan. 3oth.



Awesome. We will make it available on DVD for those that can't view it online. It was an awesome show, you and Lee really put on a professional event. More people should be aware of it. Bad Breed travels the country and has seen shows in nearly every state and you guys are at the top.

I'm looking forward to the February show! We miss the south already. As soon as we got back to California we got snowed in without power for 2 days - burrrr.

I have been to 5 UFC's live and sat front row for each event. This was my first ffc show and I was very impressed. Sure it is not on as large a stage as something such as the UFC. The set up, lights, sound, intro's were very good and the production was very impressive. I will definitely be back to watch more of the shows. Not to mention in the arena there is not a bad seat in the house. I thing I think coould have been better for the fans would have been for the final card to be announced a little further in advance and advertised acorss the web more, if possible.


Thanks guys for the support, but remember, we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. And yes, John and Lawdy, you both are in that number. So hats off to the entire FFC team. Look out MMA world, "There's a new Sheriff in Town" :)

p.s. Well, not so new. We've working hard at this thing for @ 4 years now and have the financial battle scars to show for it. :)


That seems so long ago Mama, but here we are all together doing this thing we love so much!