Watch Jeremiah Riggs and M-1 Globals "NEW" Fedor!!

THIS EPISODE IS BIG!!.. With fights from the man M-1 Global calls the second coming of Fedor.. Guram Gugenishvili , A NASTY KO from Combat Fight League, and TOUGH ENOUGH'S Jeremiah Riggs in 3 FULL FIGHTS! Watch it now!

what the actual fuck was that?

lol reufer...i miss that bastard and his inevitable knee bar attempts every roll.




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 LOL at the ironing of this post.

Gugenishvili is a georgian name, also i don't get why he is such a prospect, i wasn't that impressed his grappling looked strong but his striking looked pretty weak, i wouldn't go as far as saying he is the next fedor.

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 there is only one fedor.

Thanks for watching guys. I host the show, and I hope you enjoy it.

I don't know that he is the next Fedor, but in a world where heavyweights still reign supreme... he looks like he could be pretty nasty.

He just got set back with an injury though, so it won't be til Sept or so til he fights again.

Any other feedback?


I wouldn't be calling people "the next fedor" until they fight someone in a real promotion.

I think the connection most are making to Fedor is based on GG's uncanny ability to blend technique with physical prowess to push through and bounce back in his fights. Much of Fedors allure is due to the perception that he was always teetering on the brink of disaster in his fights (such as in the Randleman and Fujita fights). Although Fedor has been constantly scrutinized for having "sub par" technique, until recently, he has always found a way to rally back and win. Judging by this video, GG is definitely raw.. but his athleticism and cool head under pressue, give reason to keep an eye on what could evolve into a force in the Global MMA scene.

M1 is keeping themselves relevant through building some characters. This is something Bellator cant figure out!


You should've given it a shot, bro. Good show!

Think about it though. If you had one commodity that everyone wants... Then you would hold on for dear life. I THINK they are on the right track with Guram, Deuce Garner, and Magalhaes.

Over 2000 views! The Underground is great. I'd love some constructive criticism on the show, guys.