Watch Joe Lauzon Tool a youtube guy.


(Russian): BullShit haha

 Maybe "tool" was a bit harsh...

But he was absolutley being nice.

The commentary was just so awesome!


camera guy funny

lol eastern euro camera guy made that video hilarious

 And...the russian accent is fake.

I think that makes it funnier, except for...

The lack of big pee pee comment.

Joe does my favorite guard pass.

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 LMAO, I saw this a week or so ago, but it is amazing.

"in rssia there would be spikes coming out of the cage here and there, and there would be flaming chainsaws."


"this is where i would use knife."

dude should commentate for the UFC. i was rolling.

 Seriously, team the Fake russian with Joe Rogan!

MindOverBody -  I don't get the "fake russian" comments.

 He's not really Russian.

Hence the fake Russian accent.


 Commentator guy was very funny!

 LOL @ the spikes and flaming chainsaws comment. Awesome commentator.

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 For later...

nowaydo - Joe does my favorite guard pass.

At 3:20? That was pretty cool. what do you call that? Head crank pass?

 we call that a stack pass at our gym. I invented it :)

That pass is a variation of a "tozi" pass.

Randy C. and Dan Henderson show it on their instructional. Joe Moreira also has a variation.

It works so well that I don't use it much anymore(and my partners hate it).