Watch my YouTube video

Watch it. This is me fighting a fire while holding a camera.

Didn't make it all the way through but for sure worry about the fire before recording it haha Phone Post 3.0

Drizzt DoUrden - Intense. Couple takeaways

- nice job targeting fence to left to put that out and prevent the spread
- hilarious u filmed while doing it. Totally 2016. I'd have done the same tho
- was that firefighter who asked about explosion as soon as he arrived? That shit hadn't even crossed my mind until then
- "ma'am they've got a big hose...." Lol I was thinking same thing at that point. She loves her pianos tho. I can empathize there as well. Sucks ti lose those
- gussuntight for when u sneaked
- 2013 publish date. Still cool tho Phone Post 3.0


On your second point, yes, totalyl 2016, but this was a few years ago. I am ahead of my time. 

On your third question, at what point in the video? I asked if there was anything explosive before getting the hose. At no point are there firefighters in this video until the very last seconds when you see the firetruck pulling up. 


Drizzt DoUrden - Ps. I've seen this exact video daily motion Phone Post 3.0

Seriously? If you know where it is let me know as this is 100% my video that I uploaded. I did license it out to some TV show that wanted it. Not sure what ever happened with that. 

that woman had a rump on her

I would but since I just updated my phone to the new ios, I have no sound. Phone Post 3.0

Freeman -

At about 4:30 you can see water from a fire hose, but then it stops and the fire is still going.



I think they had to readjust or they were moving for a better angle or they were shooting water into an area on the other side of the shed/fence and we just can't see it. Phone Post 3.0