Watch One Child Nation on Prime

I know we all know something about how China had a one child policy up until they realized the unintended consequences of it, but this doc is from a Chinese woman to moved to the US and she interviews people in China who were part of implementing and indoctrinated I to the one child policy, and to hear the accounts of people, some of whom still think it was right, who were pressured by the government to chase down pregnant women, had them down, abort their babies, or murder or abandon newborns in the public markets, and to see how Chinese applies propaganda through art and social credit points, is not only sickening, but gives a look into how Americans are being propagandized similarly. It’s worth a watch.


I’m not seeing that in the US. I was in a store yesterday and saw a family with 5 kids and mom was pregnant. They were Hispanic though but spending money here just the same

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500k dead babies per year here may disagree, but we don’t have an official policy yet. We just have the FBI attack the homes of people who are pro life to discourage others, and put happy songs on TV about how important vaccinations are, just like Chinese put happy songs on TV talking about how happy life is with only 1 child. Soon we will have more pro abortion tv commercials.


I suggest watching it because things like this are a lot different when you think about them than when you get to see and understand the influences at play and how they impact and divide people. One woman who estimated she killed 40-60k live infants now does only fertility help for women in an effort to atone for what she considers her sins. Others still maintain it was the right thing to do even though the govt had to reverse course because there is nobody to care for the elderly. The filmmaker has shaken free from the indoctrination and seems upset and perplexed by the longevity of the brainwashing.