Watch out UFC MW division

Jacare practically had his first UFC fight already the only difference was 2 less sides on the cage. He was under the Zuffa banner and fighting a UFC fighter and did very well. I think the UFC MW division better watch out. I wanna see him fight Jake Shields or Okami next someone just a bit farther up the ladder. Phone Post

I kinda feel Rockhold should get Weidman or someone that's knocking on Anderson's door so they can do champ vs champ depending on the outcome of the Bisping fight Phone Post

Maybe it was a damn fun fight to watch though I definitely feel they will fight again under the UFC banner I just figured with Rockhold holding the belt (Which he let me hold at the Hilton Hotel lobby in Houston during the fan expo) that they would match them both up with current UFC fighters instead of pitting Strikeforce fighters against each other right out of the gate. And sorry for the irrelevant parentheses statement haha just a cool moment for me Phone Post

I would definitely like to meet Jacare those belts are a lil heavier than they look haha Phone Post

Right not a big fan of the way Shields fights especially with his submission skills Phone Post

Jacare vs. Lombard?

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youarewhatiswrong - Jacare vs. Lombard?

Very interesting matchup. Jacare takes it imo, but I'd love to see it Phone Post

No it's not at all.

Lombard has a fight VS Okami and after that he should be a couple away from the title at most.

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Lombard is a few wins away from the title lol. He'll have to beat a lot more interesting challengers than Okami to erase his ambien-like loss to Tim Boetsch. He should have to face Luke Rockhold or the "great white hope with nine total fights" Chris Weidman before his name is brought up for a title shot. Jacare is absolutely someone who would be worthy of his competition en route to a five-fight winning streak toward title contention Phone Post

It was not a bad fight because of Hector nor did he lose the fight (IMO).

What's F'In gold in this diluted forum is that I can go over exactly how most all contenders got there shot in the last few years (MW) and it's a damn joke (and I did go over it one time when pressed hard)!

Now all of a sudden the is this BS standard that Pahlares, Okami +2 more top 10's would not be good enough. LMFAO

That's a damn joke! Some us see why the joke exists, but we understand exactly how most all contenders got there shots and live in the real world with no Separate agenda.

Weidman vs Jacare then! Now there's a matchup! Phone Post


Weidman vs Jacare then! Now there's a matchup! Phone Post