WATCH the fight before talking crp

Holy christ, just watched the fight and can't believe people are saying Mark manhandled anyone, this fight had not even started to get heated up and shogun was going for subs already. Great takedowns from Mark but did you think he would not get the takedown, i heard he knows a little about wrestling... Anyways, great to see Mark looking like a cardio machine, I'm interested in seeing if he is or not...

That said, roids are still bad for you...

p.s. I'm not a CB fan at all, love to see these guys get beat but this fight was not a loss.

Guys, Chuck didn't fight last night. Shogun did, and he lost.

Let's focus here.

"love to see these guys get beat but this fight was not a loss."

Wake the fuck up dude. Go check the databases.

Oh please, you consider a freak accident a loss???

So if someone throws or tackles someone, and that person breaks a bone directly because of it, that is not a loss?

What planet are you on?

Mark had his ankles, Shogun turned away, FELL and broke his elbow. Mark grabbing his ankles had no impact on his fall, he did not throw him, he did not slam him.

I'm from planet earth.

"It was funny to see how piss scared Coleman was to go backstage after the fight, yelling at the guys to check if the CB team isn't waiting for him."

That's because the CB guys are sore losers. He lost, that's it. Bad way to lose but it happens.

"Still... shitting my pants about retards saying Shogun got handled hahahaa best one ever."

LOL @ admitting shitting your pants and then calling people retards.

Shogun in no way was getting owned in that fight. I don't know how the hell he broke his arm, as he did not seem to get taken down that hard. I guess just a freak accident. What sucks is that he might be out for a while.

Shogun was trying to move like a lighter version of himself, Coleman clearly going for a double leg, and Shogun tripped up as he tried to scramble out of it.

Clearly since both of their actions lead to the injury, not just Shogun falling on his own, you have to say what Coleman did impacted the outcome, therefore it is a legit win.

This is the silliest argument since the Arona-Rampage 'headbutt' slam. If Rampage wouldnt have been slamming Arona, he wouldnt have been ko'd, the head or the mat causing it is incidental. If Coleman wouldnt have been tripping Shogun up, then he wouldnt have fallen the same way.

Another awful thread. This Pride, which most haven't even seen, is really bringing out the idiots.

Yeah, Coleman was doing well. But he had no offense; Shogun was on the offensive with one sub after another. Coleman grabbed his ankle and tripped him; Shogun landed on his elbow and wrecked it. The end.

My guess is Shogun eventually would have caught Mark in a sub or KO'd him after Coleman gassed -- I doubt Coleman's fearsome GnP would have finished Shogun -- but who knows?

ownage by mShagger V2

"It wasn't Colemans intention to break Shogun's arm with that ankle pick."

His intention was for the ankle pick/double leg to give him an advantage- and fate fell in his corner for it to be very advantageous.

I'm not disputing that Coleman has a 'W' in his column, but the way several guys here are going on about how Shogun got beaten up/exposed/manhandled is just plain funny.

LOL @ him getting owned. Fucking stupid.

LOL, you guys are acting like Coleman stole your Schwin Bicycle from your front yard.

Special rules have already been requested for both fighters to start on their knees in the center of the ring and grapple only to avoid any "flukes".

Chuck made Babalu his bitch! And some of you people really think Babalu could handle the top LHW's in the UFC. Roflmao!