Come watch UFC 81 at Binga's Wingas at 40 Portland Street in Portland,

$20 gets you in the door to watch the fights on multiple Big Screen TVs
PLUS ALL YOU CAN EAT fries, wings, & rings!

Binga's Wingas is located at 40 Portland Street in Portland, Maine.

Doors open at 930 PM. First fight at 10 PM!

Binga's is one of the first public venues in Portland to put the money
out there to show the fights in this area, so I'm trying to spread the
word so people take advantage of the opportunity and Binga's
continues to broadcast the shows. So guys, if you can, please help me
keep this at the top to help spread the word. Thanks!

ttt for maine

lol TTT too bad imma be in Portland Might hafta Stop in

matt, come on down! ill be there.

TTT for 04101

Do you guys ever go to the Portland Boxing Club? Is it still open?

"Do you guys ever go to the Portland Boxing Club? Is it still open?"

The last few events have been at the Armory on Stevens Ave. They're supposed to be building a new boxing club, but who knows

Does the same guy own it?

I believe so (Bobby Russo)

yup thats him

kirik any chance of getting a sticky on this just for the next 24 hrs? hardly
any bars get the ufc here in maine and if people don't show binga's won't
be able to cover the nut and will be forced to cease broadcasting it. the
more eyeballs we can get on this the better chances of a solid turnout.


Don't mean to steal the thread, but "Binga's is the first public venue in Portland to put the money out there to show the fights in this area" isn't quite accurate. I've seen more than one UFC at the Stadium.

That said, All that for $20 sounds like a great deal.

TTT 4 04574

keylock, my bad. i actually don't know for a fact that it's the first. ill edit

Keylock, they've showed them at the Stadium?

I'm usually only at the Stadium for cheap drafts Wednesday night

TTT for the Maine-iacs!!!

I've never heard of The Stadium showing UFC's, at least not the ppv ones.

I know Binga's showed the last UFC, how did that do? They closed that Binga's location or at least they said they did so are they just reopening it for UFCs?

What a crappy location. I think they closed it cause they were sick of it getting broken into. Near the Preble st resource center/soup kitchen and bayside. TTT for them though to be the first around here to offer it.

For Mr. Nick Manning, Mike is getting the UFC at his place tomorrow night. You have to see it on that tv. We're going out for a few before if you are interested.

Yea he sent me a message..i'm down

UFC 80 was the first time they tried it. I guess it went well--strong
turnout--but didn't cover the nut, so it's important that they can cover it
this time because I believe they are taking a wait and see approach on this
endeavor. I couldn't make it due to a scheduling conflict, but I'm making
the stretch to be there this Saturday night to support it.

Do you guys train?

Gritty, I've seen 2 PPV UFC's at the Stadium.