Watch Weidman KO Uriah Hall

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                                Watch Weidman KO Uriah Hall

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                    <p>'TUF&nbsp;Beast' Uriah&nbsp;Hall knocked out Adam Cella in spectacular fashion on episode 3 of season 17 of the Ultimate Fighter 17. Hall got a possible KO of the year, maybe any year, and Cella got a trip to the hospital. It was Hall's second fight on the show that sent his opponent to the hospital, and the second of four reported KOs on the series.</p>

However, in 2010 Hall was on a four-fight win streak, all by stoppage, in Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat, when he was matched with a then unheralded fighter on a two-fight win stream of his own named Chris Weidman.

This is the fight.

Weidman went on to become the #1 contender in the ultra competitive UFC Middleweight division. What do you see in the future for Uriah Hall?


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ugsearchgif.gif Phone Post

And I think hall will be a different fighter when and if they meet again. Phone Post

looks like Hall has gotten better but he still will not be a Chris Weidman calliber fighter

Weidman is a beast, Hall is a beast. Can we just get over this now ? Phone Post

Hall is nasty on the feet and below average on the ground... I know Weidman KO'd him standing but Weidman is on a different level..


With that said Hall's only loses are to Weidman and Philioppou and Hall can certainly improve...  He's a nice dude so I hope he does well..