Watched a fucked up short doc last night - fucked up

Did the research post and these scumbags are still alive. Have been watching a ton of CCTV doc’s via England and this one showed up (the only reason I clicked).

Not for the faint of heart…

Both mother fuckers are living free (and with new ID’s) btw

Is this about the two older boys who take a younger one out of a store or something and murder him? If so, yes it’s very fucked up.

Yes - it really fucked me up (watched it last night and I shouldn’t have) but did research today and those 2 scum bags are waking free (and there identity is being hidden to this very day).

I can’t watch graphic videos like that. Not anymore. It’s like I went from desensitized from watching so many to totally unequipped to handle any of it.

Like an alcoholic who gets drunk off one beer.

Wasn’t anything like that - the reancated the 2 monsters talking to the cops, etc. Funny thing, if you try to post there info, you can be charged (true story)…

Rabbit hole I shouldn’t have done but (again) I have been watching CCTV doc’s and this one came up.

It is called Detainment (all of those mofo’s should fry btw). Again, not for the faint of heart…

Is it James Bulger? I remember this back in the day, it was terrible.

One of the scum bags was sent back to jail for child pornography but I think he’s back out again under a different name.