Watched doc Capturing the Friedmans....

Never know what goes on behind closed doors. Aside from the crimes, the family dynamics alone were something else to witness. Unique doc, as much of it was home movies by a family that documented so much, made job easy for director.

As with any documentary I watch, I follow it's viewing with just a little research. If you watch "Capturing the Friedmans " go back on youtube and watch "what Capturing the Friedmans " left out.

Certainly worth watching if you like true crime,disturbing ,real life documentaries.

Worth watching. Every time you form an opinion based on information in the film, another key bit of data pops up that makes you question your last assumption.

If possible, get the DVD with the extra footage and an audience discussion after a screening of the film that turns into a debate between the filmmakers, prosecutor, defense attorney, investigator, etc.

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Seemingly normal,middle class,educated, Jewish family in New York w/ three sons. Father is physicist and teaches school and gives computer and piano lessons in basement. Strange dynamic in that the 3 brothers and father are very close while the mother is basically rejected.

Child porn is traced to father through mail and he becomes investigated. Former students are questioned and implicate one son also.

And the two sons are very, very unusual.  One is a birthday party clown, for one thing.

great docu btw but i forget what is the end result?i do remember the dad admitting to having sex with his brother when they were young..i was like wtf..

Here it is on youtube for those with ad blockers

Spoiler from Wikipedia

The investigation into Arnold Friedman's life started after the U.S. Postal Service in 1987 intercepted a magazine of child pornography received from the Netherlands. In searching his Great Neck, New York home, investigators found a collection of child pornography. After learning that Friedman taught children computer classes from his home, local police began to suspect him of abusing his students.
In police interviews, some of the children Friedman taught stated Friedman played bizarre sex games with them during their computer classes. Jarecki interviewed some of these children himself; some stated that they had been in the room with other children alleging abuse, and that nothing had happened. The film portrayed police investigative procedures as the genesis of a "witch-hunt" in the Friedmans' community. The charges assume that abuse took place with multiple children, over an extended period, yet none of them ever told anything of it to anyone, nor were they in distress when parents arrived to pick them up from the computer classes.
The Friedmans took home videos while Arnold Friedman (and, later, his son Jesse) awaited trial. They were allowed to stay at home in order to prepare for court. The videos were not made with publishing in mind, but as a way to record what was happening in their lives. The movie shows much of this footage: family dinners, conversations, and arguments. Arnold's wife quickly decided that her husband was indeed guilty and advised him to confess and protect their son; she soon divorced him.
Arnold Friedman pled guilty to multiple charges of sodomy and sexual abuse. According to the Friedman family, he confessed in the hopes that his son would be spared prison time. Jesse Friedman later confessed as well, but later claimed he did so to avoid being sent to prison for life. He said in mitigation that his father had molested him. According to Jesse's lawyer Peter Panaro, who visited Arnold in a Wisconsin federal prison, Arnold admitted molesting two boys, but not those who attended his computer classes. He is also quoted as admitting that, when he was 13, he had sex with his younger brother, Howard, who was eight years old at the time of the abuse; Howard Friedman, interviewed in the movie, says he does not recall this. Jesse Friedman, in a subsequent statement, said that his father told him and his brothers of his having sex with his younger brother.[4]
Arnold Friedman committed suicide in prison in 1995, leaving a $250,000 life insurance benefit to his son. The film suggests that a motive for his suicide was his desire to provide resources for Jesse: he could do nothing else for him.[citation needed] Jesse Friedman was released from New York's Clinton Correctional Facility in 2001 after serving 13 years of his sentence. (Currently, he is a book dealer in Bridgeport, Connecticut.)

Gotta watch the 10 min youtube on what was left out...As much as I liked this doc and the Paradise Lost docs, the pertinent info the producers leave out is inexcusable.


Really interesting. I remember picking it up for 5 bucks years back on dvd. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the heads up. Love stuff like this. Vtfu op Phone Post 3.0

DaddyO4 - Gotta watch the 10 min youtube on what was left out...As much as I liked this doc and the Paradise Lost docs, the pertinent info the producers leave out is inexcusable.

just watched it and it pretty much makes the entire documentary pointless in a at least takes away the mystery of wonder they left it out..

I like watching those type of rebuttals after watching the documentary or movie;otherwise, you can't enjoy the documentary/movie as much haha. I get sucked into the docs, then I always wanna dig for the truth. Friedmans didn't come off like as much of a propoganda film as West of Memphis or Paradise Lost films but I still felt the need to sniff around a bit...




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Looks like there may be spoilers. I looked it up on wiki.

May have to watch tis