Watched first live UFC tonight

Did a long write up and it got erased.

Anyway long story short, we got cheap tickets because people were literally giving them away, sat in an empty club level section with an awesome view and had a great time. No lines for bathroom or concessions.

Must be a hand book on how to look like a tool because most guys had Tapout and Affliction shirts that were two sizes too small and a ton of hair product in. Also way too many drunk people but that's MMA in Oregon so expected that. Lots of posturing and calling each other out ending in ghey hand shake.

With that said I can't wait to go to another UFC.

Oh also got a picture with Marcus Auerlio. We walked down to the lower concessions because they had better food but crappy long lines and saw him walking around. He looked super bummed and I'm sure it didn't help that no one recognized him or if they did didn't care.

damn ugly people in oregon

well thats still awesome that you got to see it live and this definately was a good UFC to see live.

and Nick, with all due respect.....


ku will now switch to training UFC! :)

Pics coming fren, just need to get on computer at home.

After watching the fat cop beat up McCully last night I might start training UFC lol

^^^^ Lucky you Fren. That show must have been awesome.

My first UFC was at the Stapele's Center. Luxury box seat supplied by one of my students. Got to watch Royce get get pounded by Hughes and had a full buffet and 2 fridges filled with Coors light and heineken.
Mid way into the fights we get a knock on the door...friggin desert cart!.. oh man I can never go back to another UFC after that one :-(

wow MT, hard to follow an experiance like that.


I have yet to go to a LIVE UFC. Not sure I want to because I hate crowds, but at least 1x to say I did.

I won't put my experience (UFC/Pride) as I'll probably get called name dropper by teh RG faithfull=(