Watched the fight again with no sound. Observation

  1. Chad got lit up on the feet, ate too many body shots and got combo'd like crazy in boxing exchanges. But he did crack Conor good a few times.
    2. Chad got good takedowns but failed to pass guard, didn't really do a ton of damage.
    3. Conor's ground defense was good. Kept Chad in full guard and slipped every sub attempt. But Conor's takedown defense was shit, he only stuffed two takedowns.
    4. The stoppage was not late, Chad was in full turtle mode and was going to proceed to take beatings.

    Now let's all put this thing to rest and enjoy the fact that this was the best card ever! And MMA has gone to new heights because of Conor. Like him or not, Conor just exposed our beloved sport to a ton of new people. Can we all unite now and rejoice in the glory of the best sport in the world? Bro hugs all around! Phone Post 3.0