watched the wierdest MMA fight EVA was in a Japanese promotion called ZST that had Rings-esq rules. It was a Russian guy Vs Some asian guy, with a Fu manchu, wearing Toe-socks. Mr. Fumanchu assumed a kungfu stance, and would roll into the leglock position everytime Russia guy would engage.

Because of the rules, Fumanchu did good, and pulled off the win. But get this, between rounds, he would just lay on the floor, face up and not move a muscle. If he wasn't in his corner when the round ended, his cornerman would literally drag him back to the corner and let him lay there.

anyone seen this one? hardcore peeps?

maybe he was conserving his energy


there was a topic about this a few weeks ago, i cant remember the fu manchu's name but lotsa people were saying that he has "the best leglocks in mma"

you jaysun, call me biatttchhh

Fu Manchu -

Imimari - leglock wiz.

Yano - Likely to wear toe socks, may have a 'stache.

Who is it?

Takumi Yano is the guy who wears socks.

Masakazu Imanari is probably who MMA Monkey is referring to ("best leglocks in MMA").

Yano is the guy that wears the socks and remains motionless between rounds.