Watched WFA 2+3 last night

I wish John Lewis was still promoting,these shows are awesome. Some of the highlight matches-

Eastman/sauer-Eastman mauls his opponent and opens up a nasty cut with an elbow that looked worse than Fedors.To his credit Sauer took the fight on a day's notice

Overeem/Brink was a slugfest from beginning to end,talk about a beatdown

Kimo/Lajcik-This was turning out to be a good fight and then Tim had that freaky toe accident.Everything looked to be ok and then the doctor pulled on it and Tim lays down in agony and you knew it wasn't continuing

Medina/Trigg-ason finally gets his big break and it's against trigg.Good fight,Jason tried to fight it out but Trigg is a bad dude

Andre/Villasenor was very similar to Slick/Delucia except this only lasted for about 5 seconds.Villasenor came out and threw a knee,Jermaine shoots and slamms him and Villasenor's leg is bent behind him on impact


Curran/Lally-probably one of the coolest trinagle chokes I have ever seen and a great fight to boot

Black/Saunders-this is the first time I have seen Saunders fight that I can remember but he looked to impress.he had good clinch work and threw some good knees but jason's wrestling is great and he did the G+P routine

Van Arsdale/Haseman-Van Arsdale was so ripped in this fight that it didn't even look healthy.I wanted to drive up to waterloo and buy him something to eat.But he was in awesome shape and he was taking it to Chris.Chris tried for some slick subs though and at the end of the first round Chris lands a body kick that nails Mike and you would've thought he had a broken rib by the way hejust sat down.

Eastman/Steibling-Steibling was talking some trash before hand and Eastman shut him up with a big right hand.Everyone that disses Eastman should see his WFA and KOTC fights

Trigg/Hallman-Trigg's prefight interview is the funniest ever-"Hi,I'm Frank Twinkle Toes Trigg.They call me twinkle toes because I paint my toenails.Why do I paint my toenails?because I feel like it"

He did kick Hallman square in the nuts.Accidental it was head on.The abandonment rule is fucking retarded,this should've been a no-contest.

Anyhow they are both action packed and I advise everyone to check them out

Yep, they are real good. I thought they would never come out. It was surprising to see them released.

I thought the same thing about MVA. I expected to see a different guy(aged). He was just shredded.

It's a shame Zuffa won't use John as a match maker, I think he has a great eye for match-ups

So what's Van Arsdale been up to lately? I heard a while ago that he was planning on doing MMA full time, but haven't seen much of him since, and he's not getting any younger either.

Yeah, they are DVDs.

Fred,I just purchased them on dvd and got them yesterday.I found them on ebay

last I heard Mike van Arsdale was living back in waterloo,Iowa and working with a couple of guys up there part time

What's happened to Jermaine Andre? He had bad intentions...

dvds are on best buy, etc/...............

Where do you get these DVDs I have WFA 1 and want the others so bad!

I thought the breakdancing and the techno Van Halen remix was pretty gay though

WFA rules. Too bad Lewis couldn't keep 'em going.

ice-t rapping at the last wfa was rad.

The ring girls and their outfits were the best. You did't have a bad seat in the house. I too wish they still had the WFA going.

Im sorry to say I have seen neither.

yes they are

I bought the first one at Family Video.The other two I got off of Ebay from a company in Canada called krk media

go to a website called can order wfa 1,2 & 3 from there. you can find a few sites by also typing the full name for wfa in google.

Good set of DVD's !