Watching Dr Drew and....

ive always been a fan of his when it comes to addiction treatment but he seems so terrible naive when it comes to race relations in the United States...he said we all need to come together and talk about black and white and where the problems started and thats slavery..ok, what is there to talk about exactly?slavery happened hundreds of years ago, what should we be saying about it now?should the white race collectively apologize for it or what??

listening to the guests on his show they keep bringing up how black males often feel targeted by police yet NO ONE mentions that blacks commit crimes at a much higher rate than other races!!there is a reason why blacks are feared more than other races...blacks tend to be much more aggressive than other races as well yet no one brings these things up...blacks assault and kill whites at a much higher rate than whites kill blacks yet again, not brought the fuck can we have an honest discussion about race if we dont bring these things up!?!?!

im confused and again, the slavery thing, say we have a national discussion about it..what good is that going to do??

You should hear his podcast with Adam carolla... Carola screams at him about this Phone Post 3.0

carolla will mention the problem begins with idiots having more kids than they can raise right

Dr Drew is a dipshit and is talking out of his ass. He's an md, he should stick to that. Phone Post 3.0