Watching Ms Marvel with My Kids

Decided to watch the first episode of Ms Marvel with my kids and 5 minutes in and we are slammed with woke bullshit several times. The main character is a Muslim. School counselor is queerer than a 3 dollar bill. I really hope the anti-woke movement keeps going strong. They are putting out shit that is so hard to watch.


And named Kamala

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Watch Freddy Krueger instead. Will give em nightmares


This is giving me nightmares


Welcome to Disney+, bitch!


First they turn the frogs gay, then they turn the kids gay… be careful OP, or they’ll get you next!


The comic debuted in 2013.

Sad, you could of had 9 more years of outrage had you known that

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A minor character created to appease a once fledgling base. About around when people stopped paying attention to comics and bitches were being put in charge over at Marvel.


You should probably question yourself as a parent for even considering watching a superhero show based on a female character in the first place. Did you really expect positive traditional values to be espoused on there?


Um…no. By any metric Ms. Marvel has been a successful, popular character for Marvel.

To be more clear, I’m not saying that people should watch the tv show, read Ms. Marvel comics, or buy whatever Ms. Marvel toys and stuff that may exist. I’m simply saying that a character that was created in 2013, had a solo comic book run of 75 issues, appeared in a few tv animated series, has a solo tv series, appeared in video games, promotions, etc… is a successful comic book character.

Some shows/movies are so contrived with diversity and woke shit

Others do it right, like Schitt’s Creek, Kill Bill, and Dino Dana


I’ve not read any of them, but I wonder - playing devil’s advocate, is that evidence it’s a good book/character, or perhaps it might be the case she would not have lasted as long if she didn’t have quite as strong of a push (i.e., “We NEED a young POC female hero, I don’t care how badly it sells, just keep putting it out!”)?

I genuinely don’t know, but I know either you’ve read it or else know people who have :wink: I could see it going either way. I know most folks of our generation (started comics in the 80’s or 90’s) don’t care for her, but maybe younger readers like her a bunch…

I should be clear, I’m not saying Ms. Marvel is “good”, just that the character is successful and popular. I think that’s pretty clear given the length of the comic book run, the comic book sales of individual issues and collected editions, the exposure of the character in other media, the number of fans that cosplayed the character, etc… I honestly don’t see any evidence that Ms. Marvel was a character that wasn’t financially successful.

As for “good”…For my money, the G. Willow Wilson’s run on the character 2013-2019, is wonderful. (G. Willow Wilson is Muslim and co-created the character). But I’m not sure the character can flourish without G. Willow Wilson’s “voice” so to speak. Mark Waid wrote the character in the Champions team book and he did fine, but when G. Willow Wilson left the solo comic book, sales fell and I think the character didn’t have the same “magic” that it did before. And that pretty much reflects my reading history with Ms. Marvel. When G. Willow Wilson was writing, I was reading. When she left, I stayed for a bit and then left as well.

I believe the solo series was cancelled after 75-ish issues and is now appearing in limited series - which would put the character on the same level (roughly) as Black Widow.

Comic book popularity is very odd. Tremendously popular characters, like the X-Men’s Storm) have never really had a solo comic book. Others like Wonder Woman consistently have middling sales, but huge cultural impact.

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Hell for all the woke shit that should have annoyed me with the show the worse part was it was boring and had a Nick Jr. “Clarissa explains it all” feel.


I have no problem with the character, anymore than I had problems with Black Panther, Luke Cage, or Shang Chi being added back in the 60s and 70s to appeal to their own demographics in an effort to expand the reader-base of comics. Same shit, different decade.

Let us know when they get to the episodes where they try to stone her.

It’s pretty good. They basically took the Spider-Man template from the 1960s and superimposed it on a Muslim girl. It’s got all the same awkward high school kid by day, superhero by night vibes.

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After the abomination they did with Moon Knight I wont be watching any of their offerings from here on out.

Honestly, doesnt really look much like a superhero either.


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